Guest Artist: Amanda Richardson


When presented with a design problem, I begin by researching online and see what other designers came up with for similar problems. I limit my search to maybe three pieces. I do not want to model my work off others, but rather open my mind to different ways of thinking. I’ll also create multiple sketches (spending five seconds on each) to get an idea of how I want the final composition to look.


Home: St. Louis, MO
Occupation: Designer | Trenton Sun
Fun Facts: I love nail art and Sci-fi, especially any movie involving giant robots, which motivates me to create otherworldly and complex pieces.


The blessing portrayed here is my being able to give a gift to a child through my church’s “Christmas Angel” program. I used a minimal style for this project because I felt that would best portray the blessing. Because James and I have never met and I do not know what he looks I created a silhouette image to represent him. The only detail on James is his smile because I hope I gave him that.

I chose to place him in an ornament not only to represent Christmas time, but to represent a spot light on that point in his life. I will most likely never meet him, nor be able to draw his name for next year. Just for this one instance I was able to make a difference in his life and it was completely worth every penny. Because I did this, he now has a nice winter coat to keep him warm, which is why there is snow everywhere but inside the red (warm) ornament.

The poster design was inspired by @AmaRich22 tweet.
Copyright of the artwork belongs to Amanda Richardson. Contact her at for usage and licensing.

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