Guest Artist: Bekah Dothager


I enjoy creating designs that are colorful, inspiring, and meaningful.


Hometown: Belleville, IL
Follow her on Twitter: @RebekahDothager

I featured this tweet in my design because I like to admire God through nature. It captured my attention because not only is it simple and focused, it encapsulates how Creation is a reflection of God’s beauty.

This design was originally extremely basic, with the tweet written once each rotation. For the background graphic, I only had one layer for each of the eight sides. The color scheme I initially worked with was a mixture of dark colors that blended well with white lettering. I have a love of bright colors, so as I was attempting to color the design, I decided to try incorporating all the colors of the rainbow. As I began to organize them, I decided that a colorful palette reflected how colorful nature is and would therefore benefit the composition of my overall design. I also wanted to add levels to each of the spokes on the background graphic, so I decided I could accomplish this best through darkening the colors in layers of three. Once the background was to my liking, I wanted to add a focal point, as well as depth, to the tweet itself. I repeated the tweet multiple times, changed #blessed to a different font, and varied the sizes of each side in order to create a point for a viewer to immediately focus on. I also added a gradient to the background in order to mute the colors slightly so the colors will not overpower the text.


The poster design was inspired by @_BruceDale tweet.
Copyright of the artwork belongs to Bekah Dothager. Contact her at for usage and licensing.

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