Guest Artist: Commedore Clark


I’m excited to begin sharing the work of artists and designers who were inspired by blessings. This is my first guest artist post. If you would like me to consider sharing your work please message me.

~ Jessa Wilcoxen


Hometown: House Springs, MO

When looking through the different typographic systems I saw a connection between grid and a game I loved growing up, Tetris. I started with just blocks with the letters on them in grayscale. I used a serif font instead of a sans-serif because the “I” looked better with it on the blocks. I found some different Tetris games to help me design the layout. I also found a digital looking text for the boxes, but there wasn’t a number sign in that font so I just started randomly thumbing through until I came upon one I liked. I had some problems with the brick borders because the red I chose conflicted with the blue. I changed it, making them very gray.

I like to put myself in my projects and my creative skills come from many different areas.

The poster design was inspired by @renitacastings tweet.
Copyright of the artwork belongs to Commedore Clark. Contact him at for usage and licensing.

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