Guest Artist: Jenny Ferguson


When presented with the idea to create an artistic piece reflecting on blessings, I looked back over the past year of my life and realized that I have a lot for which to be thankful.


Home: Highland, IL
Occupation: Freelance Designer | JenGraphics
Fun Facts: I love to do textile crafts, teach sign language choir, and drink chai tea.


The icons at the top symbolize hardships: a dear friend died in a car accident, my dad shot himself, and my stepmom overdosed. The icons at the bottom symbolize my new marriage, graduation from college, a new house and a new church. The center of the poster shows an angelic figure transforming the bad into something good, which signifies my process of looking deep inside myself, questioning my faith and relationships, and finding peace and comfort. I realized that grieving is necessary for healing, and I used colors that reflect that dark process.

When presented with a design problem, I first think about it over a cup of tea and sketch out a few ideas of my own. Then, I take to the internet and research what others have done to address this problem. I re-sketch and evaluate based on the client’s needs, then I make several similar versions to review after some sleep and perspective has developed.

Copyright of the artwork belongs to Jenny Ferguson. Contact her at for usage and licensing.

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