Guest Artist: Justin Smith


You are the anchor for my soul. You won’t let go.


Hometown: Jonesville, Michigan
Fun Fact: I really like the Happy Tree Friends videos.
Follow him on Twitter: @LikeALawyer

The quote says that God is the anchor to my soul, so I decided to use the words to create an anchor to symbolize this message. I also added a water splash effect to the poster to make the anchor seem as if it were being dropped into the water. The blue tones represent Heaven and the red tones represent the fiery soul. I chose this tweet because it’s a great saying and it also represents how I feel.

My design style is usually something that’s rough and a little grunge, but I also really enjoy minimalistic design. Alex Pardee’s illustrations really inspire me, so I like to mimic how he uses lines, textures, and colors in my art. On the other hand, I also like simple and clean layouts.


The poster design was inspired by @benjaminfyler tweet.
Copyright of the artwork belongs to Justin Smith. Contact him at for usage and licensing.

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  1. Very cool colors and I love how you turned the words into a visual concept.

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