Guest Artist: Kristin Mudd


Creativity has allowed me focus, drive and purpose in my life.



Home: Memphis, TN
Occupation: Freelance Graphic Designer
Artwork: 5″x7″ Paint with Ink Stippling

How is it that I was born seeing beauty where others do not? How is it that I can create something from nothing? How is it that this talent, this gift has saved me from myself? I suppose I surely must be blessed. Simply put, if it were not for my gift of creativity I would be lost. Creativity has allowed me focus, drive and purpose in my life.

This painted piece represents the creative process, specifically my creative process, showing the utter excitement, pitfalls and peaks of how I create. The center is inception, the beginning – ideas churning, moving, popping and fading. Then the solution bursts. It unravels and is sometimes choked by self-doubt, outside influences and other negativity. Parts of it survive and then thrive. It moves onward and outward until an outcome is met – a need is met. And that is where peace comes. It is done. But the creative mind never rests, never ceases to take in, expand and correlate. It is always on edge, looking for that next great inspiration, that next great connection that perhaps someday may prove useful. This is how I create. It is never ending – a beautiful, cataclysmic cycle that keeps me in motion.

A professor once stated that my strength as a designer lies in my ability to take a multitude of complex information and present it in a simple effective manner. I didn’t become a designer knowing this, thinking it or wanting it, but through my work, its something invaluable that I realized I always had.

I love to listen to people. Everyone has a unique story and I enjoy being surprised by the little things that give clues into a person’s soul.

Copyright of the artwork belongs to Kristin Mudd. Contact her at for usage and licensing.

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