Guest Artist: Sydney Doherty


I am also a painter as well as a graphic designer. I am constantly searching for ways to include my relaxed and free painting style into my commercialized design style.


Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Idea-to-Incubator Program Coordinator, Millikin University
Follow her on Twitter: @IN_SYDIOUS8

While using a twitter analytics tools I was surprised how only 700 tweets with the #blessed tag could have an impression on 7 million people. I decided to illustrate the idea that one act of positivity can have a huge reach. One person deciding to share a blessing in their life has the potential to brighten the day of 10,450 people’s days.

I am passionate about entrepreneurship and strive to include the passion and innovation I experience in that field in my design work.

Copyright of the artwork belongs to Sydney Doherty. Contact her for usage and licensing.

Data Visualization based on #blessed

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