Turning 30. An Animated Glitch Art Reflection


Turning 30

Recently I listened to a Glitch Art lecture by Matt Bernico and was inspired by the range of possibilities within this technological art form. This piece was shown in Greenville College’s Glitch Art Exhibition as part of Greenville, Illinois’s Our Common Ground Annual Art Walk.

Mo matter how self assured I think I am, as I prepare to become another decade older I find myself focusing on unreached goals and the supposedly end of my “glory days.” This entire year I have often joked that I’ve had my last birthday and I will never reach 30. Over the past few months my attitude has changed. While I can’t pinpoint why exactly, I’m sure the dozens of tragic news stories I’ve read or the friends and acquaintances who have died too young have helped me recognize that each phase of my life is a blessing. Yes, I acknowledge that my portrait will never be the same as it was in the previous phase and that’s okay. I am blessed to be entering my 30th decade.

While many glitch artists rely on software or websites to mash their code, I relied on my own coding knowledge to create the visual hacks shown in the 127 animated frames. I choose not to remix the text so the viewer had something consistent to follow in the animation and to better convey the meaning of the piece. In remixing the aesthetics, I sought to stumble upon design principles such as repetition, color contrast, hierarchy, and composition in each glitched frame.

Below Are My Favorite Frames…

final glitch21 

final glitch45

final glitch59

final glitch71

final glitch108

final glitch109

final glitch118

final glitch124

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