Guest Artist: Tawnie Kozora


My design style is using simple lines and effects. I usually draw to designs that have small intricate designs and stronger typography.

Hometown: Chester, IL
Fun Facts: I like movies about WW2, and nerdy things. I spend a lot of time planning trips over seas even though I have no money.
Follow her on Twitter: @TawnieAlexa

The reason I chose this tweet was because Wizards of Waverly Place was a show I used to watch growing up. While planning out what I wanted my design to look like I watched alot of clips from the show. I wanted it to have a playful feel to it while still being simple. Choosing the color palette was very easy, I chose to tie in with the actual show and use colors from the title sequence. The wand design was inspired by a wand from the Harry Potter books/movies because the wands in the show Wizards of Waverly Place aren’t shown often and I still wanted it to have a wizardly feel to it.

The poster design was inspired by @blume_rachel tweet.
Copyright of the artwork belongs to Tawnie Kozora. Contact her at for usage and licensing.

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