Pandemic Hope


Since March 2020, I often felt like the thin paper ship I was on was sinking quickly as every normal aspect of my daily routine was changed. When vaccines were beginning to be approved in 2021, I starter to feel like there was a light at the end of this mess. The animation is titled “Pandemic Hope”.

I’m not sure that this series belongs because it feels wrong to place it on a website about blessings. The COVID 19 pandemic in large is no way a blessing. But as we ease out of the pandemic I am trying to reflect on some positive lessons learned during this time. Lessons surrounding the fragility of life, importance of rest and family time, that there is no substitute for face-to-face communication, the absolute gift for the soul that a hike in nature can provide, the perspective that quality reflection time and worship can bring, and my own awareness on how much I need a routine in my own life. If the world turns off again, I’ll be armed with my new coping skills.

There are three print pieces 1) Tapestry of Evil, 2) Work Today and 3) Pandemic Hope. I continue to study kaleidoscope visual techniques in both animation and print form. Like the pandemic, there is a sense of giving up some control when you use these digital tools. Tapestry of Evil is entirely built from the COVID 19 virus photo. Work Today has a computer surrounded by masks. Pandemic Hope is a still of a scene from the animation where there are syringes pointing inward toward the COVID 19 virus.

Like animation? See another one of Jessa Wilcoxen’s TweetBlessed animations called Becoming Mama.

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