Pie Blessings


This past November I considered what I was thankful for. My spouse, family, health, and job were among my first thoughts. I viewed the #blessed Twitter stream during the few days surrounding Thanksgiving expecting to see many tweets about similar blessings. While I did see some of these blessings tweeted I was surprised to see dozens of tweets about pie.

Pie has been around in some form for thousands of years and it is no secret that Americans love their pie. For many of us, seeing a pie brings to mind family gatherings and happy times. So I thought to myself, is pie a blessing?

The dictionary says being blessed can have secular meanings “enjoying happiness or bringing pleasure, contentment, and good fortune” and religious connotations “honored in worship and enjoying the bliss of heaven”. From a secular point of view, I imagine that many would agree with me that pie brings pleasure. But is pie a blessing from a religious standpoint? I know there are smarter theologians than I but I believe pie is a blessing, at least in terms of a Christian blessing. With Jesus as a model, it is a common Christian practice to give thanks to God before a meal. So why not give thanks for pie??

I was inspired to design this poster honoring our culture’s love for pie. I was so inspired that I ate a piece for breakfast and a piece for lunch today. I encourage you to take some time and have some pie!

[mpc_heading heading=”” subheading=”30 Memorable Pie Tweets” align=”left”]
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